Weatherguard Floor Mats: Total Vehicle Floor Protection

Preserving the good condition of your vehicle is always a good idea. It doesn’t only make sure that you ride with safety but also it makes sure that your investment goes for the extra mile. One of the vital part of the vehicle that needs after-market protection is the flooring. The floor is very vulnerable in getting scratched, dented, and filthy just like all other floors. With that in mind, floor protection is needed and there’s no other product that does it better like Weatherguard floor mats do. It will protect you, your floor, and anything that is placed on the floor anytime.

Any vehicle have a steel bed flooring. Covering that steel flooring is most likely a carpet layer that normally comes in when you purchase the vehicle. We all know how difficult it is to clean carpet when it gets wet, dirty or both. You would need to vacuum the whole flooring or get the carpet out and wash it. However, when you put down floor mats by Weatherguard, you can skip all those and just wipe it clean with a wet rag. With Weatherguard floor mats installed in your vehicle floors, any dirt or liquid has no chance of reaching the steel bed flooring thus ensuring that it wont rust or deteriorate anytime soon. The rubber surface of the Weatherguard floor mats also provides good gripping to any footwear or object placed on it ensuring passenger and package safety. Let us evaluate the reasons why one should consider installing floor mats for trucks, cars, vans and all sorts of vehicle that has flooring.

Advantages Of Installing Weatherguard Floor Mats

  • Improved flooring protection – This is one of the obvious benefits of installing Weatherguard floor mats. There’s no other better vehicle flooring protection like these floor mats that totally seals the metal bed flooring of the vehicle. It keeps it away from dirt and liquid substances which can promote rusting or corrosion of your vehicle chassis.
  • Easier cleaning tasks – Rubber floor mats are very easy to clean. You can simply wipe or mop or vacuum them clean compared to doing all of those in carpet flooring.
  • Odor resistant – If you drop a cheeseburger or spill a soda in the carpet flooring, you would need to get it washed because it will make the vehicle stink after a few days. Since Weatherguard rubber floor mats are naturally resistant to various substances, you can simple clean it like usual and not worry of having a stinky car the next day.

Cleaning Weatherguard rubber floor mats is easy thanks to the resistant surface that is impervious to most types of grease and oil. A simple running over with cold water from a garden hose will usually do the trick. When you have the time to scrub the mat with a brush at the car wash it will be back to its almost new condition.

Weatherguard floor mats are stylish and comfortable to walk on thanks to the cross hatch diamond pattern. The come in a variety of sizes and some are pre-cut for your particular vehicle model, though some trimming may be required. Weatherguard Automotive floor mats come in a standard universal model that has to be cut to the shape of your vehicle. Pre-cut models are available for the GM, GM Mini Vans, and Ford.

Any vehicle is indeed a huge investment and is a vital part of any household or business. One needs to protect these investments to protect its value and by installing Weatherguard floor mats one can significantly protect the floor and wheel wells from damage and scratching. But no part of any business is more important than you are, and Weatherguard floor mats and all weather car mats will surely keep vehicle floor in good condition for years to come.